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13th October 2023 | Canterbury College, Queensland

Providing Young People With The Opportunity To Redesign The Way They Connect, Collaborate, And Learn!

The Future of Education Youth Summit is a full-day event taking place the day after the Educator Summit. Bringing together high school students from schools across the community, the Youth Summit has been designed to empower high school students in shaping their future as young professionals. This immersive full-day experience brings together students from various schools across the community to explore how they can connect, collaborate, and co-create on their path towards success in the evolving world.

With the opportunity for students to hear from insightful speakers, network with young people from other schools, share their ideas and voice their opinions, this will be an action-packed day designed to involve students in the conversation of what they want the future of education to look like.

Designed as an opportunity to get a youth perspective on the future of education, the Youth Summit exists to provide young people a seat at the table as we explore how we can best prepare our next generation for the ever-changing future of work.

With a focus on youth advisory, design thinking, and the future of work, the Youth Summit will feature the following: 

Key Details

Audience: Grade 7-10 Students 

Audience Size: 100-120 Young People

Location: Canterbury College, Queensland

Date: Friday 13th October 2023

Times: 9:00am - 2:30pm

Cost: Free Of Charge

Capacity: 10 Students & 1-2 Staff Per School

Why We're Doing This

Over the course of the day we will be collating the ideas and insights generated by the young people in attendance to create a document outlining what young people hope to see in the future of education. 

After the action-packed day of learning, sharing and connecting at the Youth Summit, we'll be sending all attendees of our Educators Summit a copy of the Youth Summit wrap-up report so we can consider a youth perspective as we design schools of the future. 

Recommended Students

The Future Of Education Youth Summit is a fantastic opportunity for students wanting to get a head start on their chosen career pathway today.

We would recommend the Youth Summit for year 7-10 students that are passionate about bringing their ideas to life, exploring all the opportunities available to them, and also young people that aren't afraid to share their thoughts when it comes to what they hope to see in a school of the future. 

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Divided into three distinct blocks, the Youth Summit provides a platform for students to discover their unique strengths, ideate a school of the future, and craft their personal brand for a promising future. The program will be as follows:

Block 1 | Discovering Your Team Identity

To start the day, students will embark on a journey of self-discovery and team building. Through engaging activities, they will uncover their individual strengths, share ideas, and connect with students from different schools. This session will get students developing their 21st-century skills as they solve real-world challenges.

Block 2 | Building A School Of The Future

From there, students will engage in a youth-advisory challenge as they design future-focused learning experiences that empower young people to thrive in the future workforce. Through open discussions and design sprints, students will develop innovative solutions for their school communities that address the evolving needs of young people preparing for the ever changing future of work.

Block 3 | Crafting Your Digital Identity

In the final block, students will dive into the realm of personal branding and digital presence. Through activities such as professional headshots, leveraging digital tools, and designing LinkedIn profiles, students will learn how to build a strong online presence that aligns with their career goals. This session aims to equip students with the skills needed to navigate the interconnected world and thrive as young professionals.

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Over the course of The Future Of Education Youth Summit, students will have the opportunity to hear from industry speakers sharing their insights, advice and stories throughout the day. Make sure to click on our speaker tiles below to find out more about the people joining us at the youth summit! 

The Future Of Education Youth Summit is open for 10 schools to attend with their students from across South East Queensland. The Youth Summit is free to attend thanks to funding from our Summit Sponsors, and ticket sales from the Educators Summit. To reserve a table for your students, please complete the form below: 

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Attend The Summit


Educators Summit

Thursday 25th July 2024

Youth Summit

Friday 26th July 2024


Canterbury College 

182 Old Logan Village Road, Waterford QLD

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