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Thursday 25th July 2024

Canterbury College, Brisbane

2024 The Future of Education Summit Banners (34).png

Welcome to the Future Of Education Summit! Taking place at Canterbury College in Brisbane on the 25th of July 2024, we will be bringing together 200 educators from across sectors to explore how we can create future-focused learning experiences for our young people, helping prepare them for their ever-changing futures. 


Find out more about what we have in store for our attendees by exploring the program below! 

7:30am - 7:50am

Registration Open

For attendees wanting to beat the traffic, we will be hosting an optional 'Coffee And Conversations' session before the official program. Grab a coffee and a bite to eat as you network and hear from an insightful panel discussion to prepare you up for the day ahead! 

7:50am - 8:25am

Navigating The Teacher Shortage

Virginia Warner | Principal Of St Hilda's School

Joel Buccholz | Principal Of Kelvin Grove State College

Anne-Marie Maw | Principal Of St Agatha's Primary School, Clayfield

Dan Walker | Principal Of Canterbury College 

Scott Millar | Chief Executive Officer Of BOP Industries 

Addressing The Teachers Shortage Is A Complex Challenge in 2024 that requires a multi-facted approach.

Join us with our panel of education leaders to explore strategies that have been implemented at schools across the country to support their educators in our changing education landscape.

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Virginia Warner (1).png

8:25am - 8:40am

Coffee & Networking

Post panel, our attendees will have time to grab a coffee and network with fellow delegates.

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8:25am - 8:40am

Registration Open

Registration will remain open for all attendees from 7:45am with coffee and a selection of hands-on activations available for attendees once they arrive. Please ensure you have arrived and registered in time for our official welcome at 9:00am.

8:40am - 8:55am

Official Welcome

Scott Millar | Chief Executive Officer At BOP Industries 

Meagan King | Deputy Principal At Canterbury College 

Our Summit Emcees, Scott Millar and Meagan King, will be officially opening the inaugural Future Of Education Summit as they welcome attendees, and provide an overview of what to expect in the day ahead.

Scott Millar (3).png
Meagan King (3).png

8:55am - 9:05am

Acknowledgement Of Country

We'll be starting our program with an acknowledgement of country and an opportunity to explore the role of indigenous education in our ever changing future. 

Billie Loveday | Assistant Head Of English At Canterbury College

Billie Loveday.png

9:05am - 9:35am

Transforming Healthcare: Innovations, Insights, and Impact

Adam Scott | Founder Of The White Cloud Foundation And Director Of Cardiac Sciences At The Royal Brisbane And Women's Hospital

As the Director of Cardiac Sciences at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Adjunct Professor at QUT, and the Founder of the White Cloud Foundation, Adam Scott is passionate about innovations in the healthcare industry that solve real-world challenges. Along with Adam's innovation journey, he has developed Robotic Ultrasound solutions to provide better healthcare access to regional and rural patients, launched leading tele-mental health services to remove barriers to accessing mental health treatments, and in 2024 was announced as a finalist for Queensland Australian Of The Year. 


In this presentation, Adam will be sharing his insights on the pivotal role of innovation in healthcare and in how we educate our next generation of young changemakers. Adam will be sharing his strategies for solving big challenges in your community, overcoming obstacles in the innovation process, and pivoting solutions to achieve the desired result. This is an opportunity for educators and community leaders to learn from a leading industry innovator on the role of innovation in our future, and how we can all work to make real change in our community.

Adam Scott (1).png

9:35am - 10:15am

The Future Of Education Towards 2030

Mitch Evans | Head Of Enterprise Sales & Chair Of Youturn At SEEK

Pauline Fetaui | Director ACS Labs (incl. Ocean, Harbour and River City Labs)
Co-Founder Something Fest. 
Founder Something Tech. & Seven Sisters Foundation

Regional Lead QLD - Global Tech Advocates

Greg Le Sueur | Education Product Lead At Canva

Rebecca Loftus | Co-Founder & Director At IDEAcademy

Nicole Gazey | Co-Founder & Director At IDEAcademy

For years 2030 has been our benchmark year of the future. A lofty goal to strive towards. A time when all the issues we face today will be resolved. A time of unparalleled opportunity and innovation.  

With less than six years until we reach 2030, our Towards 2030 Panel Discussion will see education and industry leaders coming together to share their insights on the shifts changing the way we live, work, and learn now and for the rest of the decade.

Over the course of this discussion our panelists will be exploring the challenges we continue to face we we work to prepare our young people for an ever-changing world, before then shedding light on the exciting opportunities emerging for future-focused educators, and passionate young professionals in the years to come. 

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Nicole Gazey.png
Rebecca Loftus.png
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Session One Title Card.png

10:15am - 10:50am

Morning Tea

We'll be breaking for morning tea to give attendees the opportunity to get a bite to eat, network and engage with our hands on activations.

10:50am - 11:35am

First Round | Future Focused Learning Experiences

We will have a selection of 45 Minute Future Focused Learning Experiences running concurrently for our attendees to select from. Each experience will be an opportunity for attendees to get hands on as they learn from leading educators as they share their insights, advice and experiences on a topic of expertise. 

Vince Wall.png

All Hallows' School

Bringing Generative AI into the Classroom: The Lived Experience

Michelle Bunder (2).png


Impactful Pedagogy With Technology

Nikki Bazaine (1) (1).png

Canterbury College 

Reimaging Education: Why We Need To Innovate To Create Future Focused Learners

Steph Piper.png

University of Southern Queensland

How To Build And Run A Makerspace On A Budget

11:45am - 12:30pm

Second Round | Future Focused Learning Experiences

We will have a selection of 45-minute Future Focused Learning Experiences running concurrently for our attendees to select from. Each experience will be an opportunity for attendees to get hands on as they learn from leading educators as they share their insights, advice and experiences on a topic of expertise. 

Dr Elissa Farrow (1) (1).png

About Your Transition & Institute Of The Future Australia

Tomorrow's Classrooms: Navigating Artificial Intelligence Futures in Education

Teagan Collins (1) (1).png

Westbourne Grammar School

Developing A School Of And For The Future

Lora Blackman (1).png

Datacom Systems

Fostering Future-Ready Learners Through Data-Informed Strategies With Technology

Dr Emmanuelle Buecher Hall (1) (1).png

Mansfield State High School

Meet A Scientist: Cultivating Passion And Big Dreams For STEM Through Inspirational Role Models

8 (7).png

12:30pm - 1:10pm


We'll be breaking for lunch to give attendees the opportunity to get a bite to eat, network and engage with our hands on activations.

1:10pm - 3:00pm

Roundtable Discussions

We will have a selection of four interactive Roundtable Discussions running concurrently to provide attendees an opportunity to connect, collaborate and co-create as they explore a topic of interest to them. Our 2024 Roundtable Discussions can be found below:

Scott Millar (3).png
Brett Dascombe.png
Emma Wilson.png
Tony Cross.png

Roundtable One: 

Reimagining Curriculum: A Roadmap For Skills-Based Education

In an ever-evolving world, where technological advancements are shaping the future at an unprecedented rate, we continue to hear industry and education leaders emphasise the need for future employees to develop their human skills in collaboration, communication, and critical and creative thinking as lifelong learners.

With schools working to break down curriculum silos in order to create authentic opportunities for project based learning and 21st-century skill development, this roundtable will explore how we can create impactful and engaging learning experiences that help prepare our learners for their ever changing future. 

Speakers Include:

Scott Millar | Chief Executive Officer At BOP Industries

Brett Dascombe | Teacher/Project Officer At Wavell State High School 

Emma Wilson | Director Of Middle School At The Living School

Tony Cross | Principal Of The Byron Community Primary School

Lucy Sattler (1).png
Shannon Armitage.png
Mel Ellis (1).png

Roundtable Three: 

Future Pathways: Shaping Career Readiness

Our future world of work continues to transform at a rapid pace as organisations embrace new ways of work, utilise new and emerging technologies, and capitalise on opportunities to innovate in order to keep their competitive advantage. 
With the workforce transforming, we as educators need to consider how our education approaches are changing to ensure we're adequately preparing our young people of the ever-changing future of work.
To explore this, our Future Pathways Roundtable Discussion will unpack the latest approaches educators across the country are taking to prepare their students for the future of work.  

Speakers Include: 

Lucy Sattler | Career Practitioner + Founder Of Study Work Grow

Shannon Armitage | Director of Senior School (Teaching & Learning) At All Saints' College 

Mel Ellis | Deputy Principal At Brisbane South State Secondary College

Karen Roman (1).png
Renae Jones (1).png
Jacky Dawson (1).png

Roundtable Two: 

Inclusive Classrooms: Celebrating Diversity In Learning

At the core of education is the concept of inclusive classrooms: environments where every student, regardless of their background, abilities, or learning style, is equally valued, respected, and nurtured. Inclusive classrooms foster enriching experiences that bridge educational gaps and prepare students for the diverse world they will inherit.

Join us for a roundtable discussion at the Future of Education Summit, where delegates will be guided by forward-thinking leaders and experts in inclusive learning environments.  

Speakers Include: 

Renae Jones | Educator In Residence At Young Change Agents

Karen Roman | Head Of Junior School At Canterbury College

Jacky Dawson | Parent Engagement Program Manager At Independent Schools Queensland

Meagan King (1).png
Liam Bassett.png
Jo Muirhead.png

Roundtable Four: 

Future Ready: Digital Experiences For Our Next Generation

Presented by our Platinum Partners, Compnow, is our roundtable discussion: "Future Ready: Digital Experiences for Our Next Generation."

Guided by summit co-founder and Deputy Principal, Meagan King, we extend a warm invitation to delegates to join visionary educators, tech innovators, and industry leaders in an exploration of strategies, challenges, and opportunities in crafting digital experiences that ready our students for the dynamic landscape of the future of work.

This roundtable is designed to focus on how we can empower the next generation with the skills and knowledge essential to flourish in an ever-expanding digital world.

Speakers Include:

Meagan King | Deputy Principal At Canterbury College

Liam Bassett | Director Of Digital Learning At Westbourne Grammar School

Jo Muirhead | eLearning And Innovation Coordinator At Coomera Anglican College

Roundtable Discussions Title Card.png

3:00pm - 3:40pm

Amplifying the Future: The Crucial Role Of Student Voice in Education

Meagan King | Deputy Principal Of Canterbury College

Embark on a compelling journey of educational transformation in our keynote address, "Amplifying the Future: The Crucial Role of Student Voice in Education."

In a world where the dynamics of learning are evolving, this keynote will unravel the profound significance of embracing and amplifying the voices of our students. Explore how fostering an environment that values student perspectives not only enhances educational experiences but also shapes a future where learners are active participants in their own growth.

Join Meagan as she delves into the pivotal role of student voices in reshaping education, empowering them to become architects of their learning journey. Discover the ripple effect of student engagement on the broader landscape of your school, preparing the groundwork for a more inclusive, dynamic, and student-centric educational paradigm.

Meagan King (1).png

3:40pm - 4:00pm

Summit Wrap Up

Scott Millar | Chief Executive Officer Of BOP Industries 

Meagan King | Deputy Principal At Canterbury College 

From there, our summit MCs, Meagan and Scott will be rejoining us to provide a recap on an action-packed day of connection, collaboration and learning. Our summit MCs will then be closing the official program for the summit and inviting attendees to join us for a celebratory drink and some music to finish the day.  

Scott Millar (3).png
Meagan King (3).png
Plenary Session - Session Four Card.png

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Post Summit Celebrations

As the official summit program concludes, we will be inviting attendees to join us for some live music and drinks as we share our learnings from the day, and celebrate the hard work being done by innovative educators across the country! 

The Future of Education Summit Banners (1) (1).png
23 (6).png

We've got an action-packed day planned for our Future Of Education Summit 2024 and we hope we can see you there! Tickets are on sale now and selling quickly. Make sure to grab yours now!

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