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2024 The Future of Education Summit About Us
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The Future of Education Summit has been designed to empower educators, innovators, and workforce shapers as we explore how we can prepare our next generation for the ever-changing future. Back for our second year in 2024, The Future of Education Summit provides attendees the opportunity to find new and exciting ways to engage their students, scale their impact, and collaborate with other changemakers from across the country to create impactful learning experiences for our young people.


As educators around the world work to redesign curriculum, reimagine their schools, and rethink the student learning journey, the Future of Education Summit has been designed to help attendees develop the skills and experiences they need to become leaders in their educational communities.

Why We Exist

At the Future of Education Summit, our mission is to explore transformative shifts in education and innovative practices that create seamless pathways for our teachers and students to thrive in the evolving future of work. We envision a future where education not only adapts to technological advancements but becomes a catalyst for individual growth and success. A future where we shape our next changemakers and influencers.

The Future Of Education Summit - Scott Millar & Meagan King Emcee
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Where We're Going

Our vision is to inspire a forward-thinking educational community where we empower educators and students to collaborate, embrace diverse perspectives, and form authentic relationships that will ultimately shape the future of education.

What We Stand For

The Future Of Education Summit aims to lead the way as a flagship event dedicated to helping educators deliver impactful learning experiences for their students. Our core values include: 

Future Focused: We're always looking forward as we explore how the future of education and the future of work continue to evolve.

Collaborative & Diverse: We are building a collaborative community of educators from across schools, systems, and states to create rich learning opportunities for all. 

Engaging & Dynamic: We curate an engaging line up of dynamic presenters to share their insights and experiences.

Authentic: Our community are authentic and genuine in their desire to connect, collaborate, and share as we work to prepare our students for their ever changing futures.  

The Future of Education Summit - Attendee Lanyards
The Future of Education Summit - Young Professionals Panel Discussion

Our Key Content Pillars

Our program continues to grow and evolve each year to keep up with the rapidly evolving education landscape. The key content pillars underpinning each Future Of Education Summit program include: 

Educational Shifts:

Exploring how our schools and classrooms are transforming.

Innovative Practices:

Unpacking ways to empower young people in our classrooms.


Creating impactful pathways from our classroom to the world.

The Future Of Work: 

Ensuring that our young people are prepared for the workforce of the future.  

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At our inaugural Future Of Education Summit in 2023, our attendees had the opportunity to hear from over 45 speakers sharing their experiences in industry, education, and community. Here is what we achieved in our first year of the Summit:

"The Future Of Education Summit was a complete and utter triumph. It was brilliant connecting with likeminded thinkers, and incredible to see what educators are doing to shift mindsets, values, and attitude."

- David Drumond, St John XXIII Catholic College

The Future of Education Summit Banners (2) (1).png

Co-Founded and Co-Emceed by future-focused educators, Scott Millar and Meagan King, The Future Of Education Summit has been designed to explore the trends shaping the future of education as educators across the country work to prepare their students for the ever-changing future of work. You can find out more about your summit emcees below.

Scott Millar - Co-Founder Of The Future Of Education Summit

Scott Millar

Chief Troublemaker 

BOP Industries

- ANZ Top 30 CEO Under 30 Years Of Age

- Queensland Young Small Business Leader

- APAC Inspiring Youth Leader

  • Instagram
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Meagan King - Co-Founder Of The Future Of Education Summit

Meagan King

Deputy Principal

Canterbury College

The Educator Hot List Winner 2022

- EdLeaders Mastermind Facilitator

- Published Author

  • LinkedIn
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