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The 2023 Future of Education Summit has been made possible by the support and contributions from our sponsors. We are incredibly grateful for their role in making the 2023 Summit possible. Meet our 2023 Summit sponsors below, and explore the work they are doing to enhance the future of education for our next generation. You can support us by supporting them.

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Compnow is a leading provider of technology solutions and support services, specialising in K-12 education. They empower schools with cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance learning experiences and streamline educational processes

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Paperly is an all-inclusive platform that helps schools reduce critical admin load on their teachers and admin staff, while being easy to use for parents, and keeping your data 100% secure. Paperly simplifies document collaboration and management, saving teachers and schools from an avalanche of admin.

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BOP Industries

BOP Industries is an Aussie education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of young innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders as we prepare young people for the ever-changing future of work through our school incursions, units of work, professional development workshops, and more.

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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is a renowned leader in the world of technology, offering a range of cutting-edge devices that empower individuals and organisations to achieve more. Their laptops, tablets, accessories, and more, are powerful tools for productivity, creativity, and education.

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Atomi is an online teaching and learning platform for students, teachers and schools. They provide engaging, curriculum specific videos and interactive lessons, paired with adaptive testing and powerful analytics, empowering teachers to spend more time on the things that matter. 

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Canterbury College

Canterbury College is one of Queensland’s most innovative independent schools. Known for its commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of learning, Canterbury College are leaders in educating our next generation of changemakers.

The Future of Education Summit Banners (1000 × 750mm).gif

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Educators Summit

Thursday 25th July 2024

Youth Summit

Friday 25th July 2024


Canterbury College 

182 Old Logan Village Road, Waterford QLD

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